Isolation system

RT1600DTC Rigid Isolator



RT series of Rigid wall isolator is the new generation turbulent air flow isolator
Sterility test isolator has less space limitation than clean room and it is easy to use and validation. It saves time and cost for the R&D of new drugs.
Isotailin® sterility test isolator is to provide an sterile environment for sterility test.It can reduce the risk of false positive results to avoid costly investigation and possible batch loss.
Due to the excellent process design, Isotailin® could avoid the false negative too.



Comply with the sterility test requirment of USP/EP
Double side operating.
Pass box is laminar flow, while operating chamber is turbulent flow.
Inbuilt sterility test pump.
Inbuilt VHPS® generator.
Pre-reserved connections and powerful system.
Touch Screen: 12¡± pad


Power Supply: AC220V/ 50Hz;   Power Consumption: 600W-3000W
Overall Dimensions: 2300*1200*1890mm
Operating Chamber Dimensions: 1600*1200*800mm
Pass Box Dimensions: 500*700*550mm
Glove Quantity: 6 gloves (3+3)






















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