Glove integrity Tester




GIT-WLAN new glove integrity tester is multi- layer structure, the size could be customized (test port dia 130mm ); main part and functional parts can be easily removed; with built-in lithium battery, no need external power supply, the battery is easy to be charged; with built-in inflatable pump, no need external air supply;


1.Computer control, LCD display ; compact structure, lightweight design, easy to use.
2.In-situ detecting, which can detect multiple gloves simultaneously.
3.Wireless connection with the PC , test data can be transferred by wifi.
4.RFID chip technology,it can  automatically recognize glove number, which will be showed in the test results.
5.Built-in pump to inflate the glove.
6.With variety of test setup procedures to meet kinds of needs for glove testing. 
7.Pressure detection range is up to 3000Pa.
8.Referece: GB / T 25915.7-2010 / ISO 14644-7: 2004 Standard.
9.The software complies with 21CFR part 11 requirements for electronic records and electronic signatures.


Test time: 7 minutes
Continuous working time: 2 hours
Inflation pressure: 500-3000Pa
Detection accuracy : 300m
Pressure display resolution: 0.1Pa
Communication: WIFI
Offline storage of data: 5000 groups
Mainframe dimensions: 260mm × 50mm
Weight: 3.4Kg (255mm)
Built-in battery: 12V lithium-ion battery
Charging time: 3 hours
Test port specifications: 255mm (other size can be customized)


WiFi Glove Integrity Tester is designed to check the integrity of Isolators / RABS systems gloves / sleeve or long gloves.







































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