VHP Sterilization system


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HTY-V100 Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide Generator is an instrument specially designed for sterilization in enclosed spaces such as isolation room, isolator, transfer passageway, blending machine, biosafety cabinets, small clean room,etc. It can be used to conduct online sterilization of RABS on filling line as well. It takes the advantages of that hydrogen peroxide has better sporicidal efficacy in gas state than the liquid state at room temperature and that the generated free hydroxyl groups are able to attack cell components, including lipids, proteins and DNA organization, which achieves the requirement of complete sterilization



1. Security: under the room temperature and atmospheric pressure, non-toxic, no residue;
2. Fast: Fast sterilization cycle, cost-effective;
3. Effective: Hydrogen peroxide has excellent material compatibility (device, electronic components and building materials), much easier to do verification;
4. Extensive use: with the function of broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, it is applicable to sterilize fungi, bacteria, viruses and spores ;
5. Convenient: removable,and it connected by the materials of imported silicone tube and aseptic bayonet.


1. Power supply: AC 220V/60Hz
2. Power: 2500W
3. Injection rate :1-5g / min
4. Vaporization temperature: 100
5. Sterilizing agent: 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide solution
6. Killing rate: the ability to kill stearothermophilus spores reaches 106
7. Working mode: continuous working
8. Weight: 100kg




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