VHP Sterilization system


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HTY-Super SD2


HTY-Super SD2 VHPS Generator can transfer the H2O2 in gaseous phase at room temperature, so that it can kill the bacteria more efficiently.



1. Double display screen.
2. Wide range sterilization(room, BSC, HEPA, IVC etc.
3. With debumidification function(Less than 20m3.
4. Inbuilt printer.
5. Sterilization area numbering.
6. Handled residue detector and Laser range finder are for option.


1. Sterilization Capacity:150M3
2. Bottle Volume : 500ml
3. Power Supply : 220V 60Hz
4. Shell Material : ABS
5. Dimensions : 790 x 590 x 900mm
6. Control Mode : Touch Screen(Fix or split)
7. Reduction Rate:Lg6 against Bacillus Stearothermophilus


Sterilization for Sterility test lab, Microbiological test lab, BSC, HEPA, IVC etc.



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