VHP Sterilization system


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HTY-V88 VHPS Generator can transfer the H2O2 in gaseous phase at room temperature, so that it can kill the bacteria more efficiently.



1. Ultra-compact design, easy to move.
2. VHPS concentration real time monitor is for option.
3.High efficient: Fast sterilization cycle saving the cost.
4.Safe: No residue and poision, wide chemical compatibility, easy to be validated.
5. Broad-spectrum: It is effective to fungi, bacteria, viruses and spores


1. Sterilization Capacity:150M3
2. Power:2000W
3. Injection Speed£º1-7g/min£¨adjustable£©
4. Container:1000ML
5. Control: Cable Remote
6. Sterilant£º35£¥ food grade H2O2 solution
7. VHPS Output£ºflash vaporization
8. Reduction Rate£ºLg6 against Bacillus Stearothermophilus
9. Dimensions£º360*360*970mm
10. Weight£º45kg


Sterilization for Sterility test lab, Microbiological test lab, Positive control lab, Sampling room, Materials transfer room etc.



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