VHP Sterilization system


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Ultra-small VHPS specially designed for sterilizing the Isolator, ambulance, emergency aircraft/helicopter and small laboratoris.

To avoid the infection risk, it is automatically controlled which can reduce the involvement of personnel


On-Board VHPS Generator

The VHPS generator is put in the ambulance, while the controlbox is put outside

The one system of controller, VHP units and Dryer

All the everyday operation can be controlled by the controller.


1. Steriliant : 35% H2O2 Solution
2. Bottle Volume : standard 500ml
3. Power Supply : 220V 60Hz 2,1000W
4. Weight : Machine : 65kg ;
5. Dimensions : 550mm X 350mm x 600mm(L x W x H)
6. Control Mode : PLC, control and Touch screen


Isolator, Ambulance, Emergency aircraft/helicopter and Laboratoris.


























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